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RussiAn Arm

New in late 2019 is Russ De Jong's Russian Arm! An amazing addition to the already amazing range of skills... with a 15ft boom on the frame of the amazing Mercedes GL350 Russ is able to bring surreal vehicle chase camera work to life.

At the heart of the camera chase vehicle is the new 3 axis stabilized remote head system by Arri, the SRH-3. Bring fantastic image stabilization and maneuverability this remote head is a game changer on the Russian Arm and off!

Extensive monitoring and equipment upgrades have been made to facilitate the most efficient and effective system for capturing motion shots. With 3 large 17" monitors and 4 additional smaller monitors used by the tech crew for monitoring the safety of arm / camera Russ has tailor design slick, clean and robust system.

The Russian Arm was used extensively on set of "Wander - 2020" filmed on locaton in New Mexico. The Russian Arm is still a new tool and the bulk of projects that it has been used on have not been released yet. Above are 2 quick samples of the Russian Arm filming the NFC vehicles and a behind the scenes clip of the Russian Arm in action.

The Russian Arm on set:

For Russian Arm specifications click the images below:

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