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Recently Produced by Russ de Jong:

Utilize all of Russ's skillsets and have him produce your next project! There are 2 major

things that set Russ aside from other producers that are worth noting right out the gate:

1) Practical experience, thorough knowledge of ALL aspects of a production thanks

to countless hours in pre-production, on set, in post production and numerous roles mastered. Utilizing this knowledge Russ is able to target ways to make production more efficient with real life experience. He speaks the lingo of every department as he has / does work in most departments within a production.

2) Resources. Lots of Resources... Millions to put a number to it. Basically Russ has everything needed for most feature films, commercials, music videos and television shows. Here is a quick glance of just some of what Russ owns and can bring to a production: A large production office with over 10 work stations, 15+ salary staff, 6

trucks, Full multi-cam package, Russian arm / camera chase vehicle. steadicam,

drone, crane, remote head, dolly, package truck, audio mixer package, DIT, locations support equipment, post production facility with multiple suites for editing, coloring, sound design, etc.

For more information about the resources available please visit North Film Co. for specifics or head over to the connect page and contact Russ to get started.

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