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Simulant Framegrab 1 .jpg


Genre: Sci-Fi

Cast: Sam Worthington, Simu Liu, Jordana Brewster, Robbie Amell

Year: 2023

Shot in Hamilton, ON


A humanoid A.I.'s attempt at winning a grieving widow's heart puts it in the path of a government agent trying to stop the rise of machine consciousness. North Film Co. brings this dystopian sci-fi to life with stunning visuals and heart-pumping camera work. 

North Film Co. has worked with plenty of A-List talent over the years and “Simulant”, an exciting sci-fi thriller is another showcase of the amazing actors we’ve lensed. This movie was shot in the winter months in Hamilton, Ontario - Canada and utilized the full extent of the amazing equipment and services North Film Co. has to offer. Russian Arm, Crane, Steadicam, Trinity, Remote Head, Dolly, Drone, Lights, ... you name it! .

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