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FALCON i Dolly PAckAge


  • FALCON I Dolly System

  • Round Seat

  • Square soft seat

  • Seat arm

  • Standard platform (4 pieces)

  • Carrying bars

  • Telescoping seat arm

  • Mitchell Mount head

  • 20cm ,30cm, 40cm, 50cm risers

  • 2x 25 lbs Plates


  • 6x 8 ft Straight Track 

  • 1 x 6 ft Straight Track

  • 1x 4 ft Straight Track

  • Starter track

  • Low mode system

  • Counter balance system

  • F Shaped Bar

  • 2x Dolly Handles

  • Z Large Offset 

  • Straight 16" Offset



Technical Specifications:

  • Electronic and Hydraulic  in one dolly.

  • All parts and accessories are made in stainless steel and are interchangeable.

  • Incredible stability,  chain-less steering box and small arms, so no need for adjustment Unique versatility Silent in operation

  • Allows to set low and high movement limit, store up to 30 points and motion control for an accurate reproduction of vertical movements

  • Very Smooth and precise arm movement 2-Steering Modes CRAB, CONV

  • Resistant to all environmental conditions.

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