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A UNit PAckAge RentAl

This package is perfect for any production looking for all the top of the line gear required to make a film all in one place. A bundle of multiple rental packages available from Russ De Jong listed below.  Rental includes cube trucks with custom shelving for easy transportation and organization of the equipment.

Included with this Rental:


Arri Alexa 35 Package

  • 2x ALEXA 35 Production Sets

  • Vaxis Video Wireless system

  • 2x O'Connor 2560 Fluid Head Plus Telescopic Arm

  • Block Battery Kit

  • 2x Camera Equipment Carts

  • plus more 

Leica Lens Package

  • ARRI Signature Prime 18/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 25/T1.8 M

  • ARRi Signature Prime 35/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 40/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 58/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 75/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 95/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 125/T1.8 M

  • ARRI Signature Prime 150/T1.8 M

DOLLY Package

  • FALCON I Dolly System

  • Round Seat

  • Square soft seat

  • Seat arm

  • Standard platform (4 pieces)

  • Carrying bars

  • Telescoping seat arm

  • Mitchell Mount head

  • 20cm ,30cm, 40cm, 50cm risers

  • 2x 25 lbs Plates

G/E Package 1

  • 2x Arri Skypanel S60s

  • 1200d Pro Aputure 

  • Astera Titan Tube Kit

  • Stands, flags, apple boxes etc.

  • plus more​

Locations Package

  • 2x Honda 6.5k Generator

  • EZ up Location Tents

  • Folding Tables

  • Folding Chairs

  • 102L Garbage cans

  • Traffic Cones

  • Locations Mats

  • plus more

Full PDF List of all equipment included on truck below:

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