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Hanks Bad Day - Project Spotlight

Hanks bad day (2020)

25 min  |  Genre: Comedy  |  Language: English   |  Producer: North Film Co.  |  Director: John White   |  DOP: Russ De Jong


Hank Nobody, is a former MDMA dealer, who is on the straight and narrow. Recently he’s gotten back together with his ex, Emma. Things finally seem to be going well, until he comes home early one Saturday morning with coffees and chocolates to surprise Emma, instead finding her in bed with a man in a zippered mask. Not just any man, this is The Frenchman, Trevor Blumas. A man Hank knows all too well from his earlier MDMA dealing years. Trevor was his direct competition. Hank leaves, not sure what to do, he heads over to his brother Kev’s house. Kev lives a somewhat eclectic and bohemian lifestyle. After some brotherly and support and two bottles of wine, Kev realizes he’s accidentally drugged Hank with some high grade LSD. Hank, in a panic leaves and thus begins his drug fuelled odyssey throughout the city. Hank comes to in the middle of a baseball field where his cousin, Mike, is practicing with his softball team The Brew Jays.Mike attempts to lift Hank’s spirits. During the practice hank notices a spirited young lady, Hannah, and musters up the courage to ask her out to the party that evening, Summerween (a Halloween party in summer) to which she says yes. Hank later re joins the gang at the party and party hijinks ensue, all is going well until his ex, Emma, shows up with Trevor Blumas in tow. A small confrontation ensues and Trevor is arrested. During the melee he loses sight of Hannah, he scours the party for her to no available. With no sight of Hannah, and feeling utterly defeated at his bad day, Hank decides that’s about as much as he can take and leaves. It’s out on the street he runs into Hannah, and they have a funny, grounded moment. 


David Reale - Hank Nobody

Benjamin Blais -Benny

Tyrone Savage - Tyrone / Trev Blumix

Kati Uhlmann - Emma 

Daniel Briere - Kev

Cat Hostick - Hannah

Rona Leon - Donna

Mark Matechuk - Mike

Daniel DeStanto - Det Diaz

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