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Russ De Jong's CRAne Credits:

Videos samples coming, below are some of the recent crane credits by Russ De Jong:


-Dan Televski

-Meagan De Lima
-The Tenors

-River Tiber


-Power Rangers

-Justice for MLK
-Toronto Raptors

-Eagle Energy

-The Meaning of Life

-Learning to Love Again

-Below Her Mouth

-Super Detention

-Campton Manor

-Rob GF

-To Fall From Love


-The Desist

Russ has done great deal of steadicam / handheld shots that involve walk on/off of the crane during the shot. Pairing traditional crane shots with the ability to exit it and and keep the shot going is a key skill utilized by Russ De Jong!

Crane comes with 40ft of track. The crane can be configured in a number of ways, primarily there is remote head or ride-on mode. Specifications of the crane can be seen in the pictures below, or CLICK HERE to download the .PDF:

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